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Looks count as does first impressions. And on the internet, potential clients will often judge your business based solely on the appearance of your website. In the Internet Age, having a website which stands out from the crowd as it presents a professional appearance can be vital to the success of your business.

I believe every client is unique. Your website design is custom created with that in mind. Original, one-of-a-kind design, graphics, logo, and polished text presents a memorable, professional appearance for your website… your online image.

Baughan WEBdesign offers complete design or redesign services for your website. In addition, maintenance and through-the-year updates, as needed, to keep it current.



Having a background in professional photography, I can provide eye-catching images to convey your message with quality commercial, product, fine portraiture, candid, fashion, and scenic images to enhance your website - created in studio, stock images, or shot on location.

My Image Coordinating service can provide the complete package in extending your website design to branding your company, organization, or personal identity to include letterhead, business cards, brochures, and other items.


A seasoned writer, I founded, published, and edited an online journal. I've also penned numerous articles published in print media, writes a blog, plus recently authored my second book. Whether your needs require just a bit of polish or a professional's touch in crafting your text, put my experience to work in creating a memorable presentation for your website!


From concept to completion, Baughan WEBdesign can help you put your best foot forward in elevating your website to the next level.

Loretta Baughan can be reached by email at: